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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who is the Filipino?

"Making Filipino Values Work For You" is a book written with clarity and mission, and that is to understand the real persona of the true-blooded Filipino. Dr. Tomas Quintin Andres has brilliantly underscored the salient points on the two dimensions of the Filipino. These are: The Exterior and Interior.

The Exterior Dimension deals with the desire of the Filipino to own or possess things for his physical development (food, clothing, shelter, education, a job, a better standard of living, and the "good" things of life). This is the Filipino's persona for the desire to have power, wealth, comfort and the good life.

The Interior Dimension on the other hand is the Filipino's deeper and much richer dimension. Andres termed it as the "dimension of the spirit". It is the Filipino's deepest longing to love and be known and loved as a person. This is the Filipino's drive to love, a tendency towards inter-personal relationships, towards unity or community.

Andres expounded on the fundamental goal of every Filipino. He stressed: " the true meaning of life for a Filipino is not the search for "goods" but a transcending of the spirit. His fulfillment as a person, the development of his basic goodness and beauty and his values."

Andres added,"The Filipino's basic choice is not what goal to acquire or things to possess but what meaning, orientation, or direction should he give to his values, not what he can get out of life but what he can give of himself and whom he can love."

To describe further the true Filipino, Andres gave the following characteristics:

d)Tender and Loving
e)Companion oriented
g)Regionalism or Region-Oriented
i)Utang na loob oriented
j)Kapalaran oriented
k)Kapayapan oriented
l)Bayani oriented
m)Mapagkatha or Filipino Ingenuity
n)Fiesta oriented
o)Filipino Hospitality
s)Personalism or "makatao"
t)Harmony Oriented or "pakikisama"
u)Beauty oriented

Do you agree with Dr. Andres? Why or why not?

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