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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tell Me Why?

Please tell me...

Why power corrupts? ...
Why money is evil? ...
Why many people are judgmental?...
Why emotions win over mind?...

I always wonder why many people blame outside forces for the errors they commit in life. Why do they look for reasons outside themselves when everything is in their hands to control?

Let us take for example those people who were elected into office and later on changed in perspective while in power. Power in itself is not the culprit but the weakness in man that gives in to temptations.

Why blame money for all the evils of man if it is man himself who has the decision how to use the wealth in his hands.

Why blame other people for one's myopia or judgmentalism? It is not other people's fault if they fall short of your expectations.. it is your own prejudice and bias that stifles your chance to relate positively.

Why blame emotions for ruling the mind when in fact real people are feeling people. They are not made of machines and are not expected to perfect their responses to love and being loved.

One man cannot find true love everywhere, for if he has then he will commit. If not, then he will keep on searching.

It is not bad to look deep inside us before we blame outside factors for our errors. You can always think about it.

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The mind is like a river; upon its waters thoughts float through in a constant procession every conscious moment. You stand on a bridge over it and can stop and turn back any thought that comes along. The art of contentment is to let no thought pass that is going to disturb you. -Dr. Frank Crane